Monday, October 26, 2009

This is why Dallas was a terrible team last season.

This is what Brandon Worley from has to say in regards to Steve Ott's play against St. Louis on Saturday:

"A lot of hockey fans say that Ott is a player you hate to play against but would love to have on your team (although the St. Louis fans don't feel that way, apparently). He's slowly becoming a player who's(sic) reputation is that of nothing but a dirty cheap shot artist, which is far from the Steve Ott we know he can be and not the player who was the MVP of this team last season."

You know your team is bad when Steve Ott was the MVP. Are you kidding? Steve Ott was their MVP? I can't even fathom that. I know he had decent numbers last year, which amazes me more than it amazes anybody else, I guarantee it. We can have a contest for who is most amazed that Steve Ott had a decent season last year, and my name will be right at the fuckin' top. But Steve Ott? MVP Steve Ott? That would be like David Willard being MVP of the high school tennis team! He sucked! That would be pathetic! Well, maybe Steve Ott was the MVP but he wasn't the captain, and that's way more important. Wait, I think I got off track there. STEVE OTT WAS THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ON THE DALLAS STARS LAST SEASON? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! STEVE OTT? Are we thinking of the same player? I must be confused.

Ribeiro wasn't their MVP? Brad Richards doesn't have a say in that? I know he was hurt, but Ott didn't play a full season either, and Richards had more points than Ott in less games played(48 in 56 compared to 46 in 64). How about Loui Eriksson quietly leading their team in goals? It wasn't close either. James Neal was second on their team with 24 goals, 12 shy of Eriksson's 36. Show of hands: Who predicted the top two goal scorers on the Dallas Stars last year to be Loui Eriksson and James Neal? Anyone with their hands in the air can put them back down, I don't believe you.

But wait. Eriksson and Richards both stayed out of the penalty box. Why on earth would they go and stay out of the penalty box? Don't they know the key to a team MVP is to get as many penalties as possible? 14 Penalty minutes, Loui? You've got to do better than that. And you, Brad. You've got to be ashamed of yourself. Six penalty minutes?! What were you thinking out there last season? I know you can do better than that! Just look at what our team MVP does, and try and improve next year, will ya? Now back to the track, you've got some running to do! Six penalty minutes...unbelievable. Look at Brad Richards, he thinks he's Kyle Wellwood out there!

STEVE OTT?! STEVE OTT WAS THEIR MVP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Q11111QSTUK?:!!1111

Anyway, the rest of the post involves Mr. Worley talking about Ott's controversial decisions on Saturday, and for the most part defending them. I'm not going to get into that, since Mr.
addressed that situation already. But I will comment on one thing he mentions:

"For the record, I don't think Ott was nearly as bad and as reckless as they're making him out to be over at St. Louis Game Time. I dont' want to start a flame war between sites, I really don't believe in that, but if you're going to get that riled up over what is ultimately a borderline, questionable hit (although Ott is still at fault), then you were looking for something to get up in arms about anyway."

Ott might as well have been on the ground when he landed his hit on Colaiacovo, which was about 33 seconds after he made his pass. I guess it could be considered questionable, but that's a pretty conservative way to judge a hit like that. And as for the Crombeen knee-to-knee hit, it almost looks like Ott lined his check up badly and just stuck as much of his body out as he could just to make sure he landed what he could. That's unacceptable, especially with barely a minute to go in a 4-1 game, when you've already made a "questionable" hit earlier. Add to that the fact that he's known for things like that, and in my opinion you have something that is worth "getting riled up over."

But who am I to judge the MVP of the Dallas stars, Steve Ott.

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  1. "...He's slowly becoming a player who's reputation is that of nothing but a dirty cheap shot artist, which is far from the Steve Ott we know he can be and not the player who was the MVP of this team last season."

    Spelling error. "That of"=not english. Run-on sentence.

    Also, way to MVP the 12th best team in the West. What a stud.