Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toronto Fans: Aim Higher

How is anyone supposed to talk hockey with a Leafs' fan when there is nothing to debate? Toronto fans know exactly what they're talking about 147% of the time. Just read some of these comments posted on last night's game summary:

I love it when I hear people saying they had 5 NHL deffencmen (sic) 5 NHL deffencemen (sic). 3 of those Phanuef (sic), Kaberle and Gunarson (sic) played together last year all on different lines. The other 2 are new to the Leafs and for the most part probably will be playing for the Marlies. Lashoff and Lebda. Lebda might be on the 3rd line deffence (sic) with Gunarson (sic). Let (sic) be real here, Komisarek, Schenn, Beuchemin, are the other half of the deffence. They are only gonna have 6 deffencemen (sic) on the team and 3 of our top D men sat out. Ill (sic) be honest Wilson or whoever chose to play the guys they did last night messed up. They need to start partnering up some of these guys. Creating lines, and while they tried with the Kadri, Versteeg, Armstrong line .. that line never clicked. Armstrong is still dump and chase minded and Kadri wants to dance with the puck. Versteeg goes to the net. The line is messed up. I thought the Brown, Rosehill, Hanson line looked good they got chances too. I also thought Damigo (sic) looked good too bad no one else on the line did a thing. You can see the Leafs have pieces but no full lines. We will see the Kessel line .. I think that will be a good line. Maybe Versteeg gets moved to the first line and Kulemin goes to the second.

I'm so sic, I need to go see a doctor!

... ... ... Now that I'm done throwing up over how perfect the grammatical structure of this comment is (FLAWLESS!~), I can see that he tried to make some valid points. The Leafs' makeshift first line of 'Steeg, 'Strong, and 'Dri did not do so well last night. Mike Brown looked like an idiot; he was a non-factor. Hanson knows how to fight, and we all know that this is the most important aspect of hockey, which is further solidified by this comment:

wintoon: We already beat them up last night, we did not play well and we did not win the game BUT we kicked the stuffing out of some of your players. By the way you started this conversation, not I. Score 5-0, Fights B&W 6 Ott 0. for what it is worth.

In terms of fighting, the only fight I noticed was between Hanson and Ottawa's Zack Smith. Hanson clearly won the fight, but I wouldn't consider Smith a blown-out turkey gut after a Thanksgiving meal. I saw one solid hit from Hanson, followed by a lot of jersey-grabbing (followed by dinner, bromance, and season two of Weeds). Aside from that, great shutout by the Leafs! 6-0! And they did that without Kessel, Kulemin, Beauchemin, Schenn, Stajan, Ian White, Hagman, Blake, Lindros, Steen, Aki Berg, Rary Roberts, Sundin, Tucker, Zezel, Mike Foligno, Salming, Steve Thomas, Battaglia, Jeff O'Neill, Peca, Komisarek, Rask, Raycroft, Belfour, Leetch, McCabe, Francis, Nieuwendyk, Gerber, McCauley, Devereaux, Pohl, Finger, Frogren, Bozak, Toskala, Hoglund, Cu-Jo, Berard, Antropov, Ponikarovski, Cory Cross, Danny Markov, and Sergei Berezin! (UPDATE: Gary Leeman participated in the warmup, but was a last-minute scratch.)

In reality though, the Leafs were missing a lot of their starters, as well. They may have had more impact starters than Ottawa, but a majority of those starters were new faces to the organization (Brown, Versteeg, Armstrong, Lebda.) If you throw in Kessel, Kulemin and Bozak, the Leafs play a much better game. The point of the preseason is to give prospects and has-beens a chance to show they can (still) play well on the highest level. Ottawa may have dominated, but their offense came from their regulars (Winchester Foligno, Neil, Kelly) with the exception being Corey Locke. Had this offense came from late-round prospects like Mike Hoffman or Roman Wick, or from 2-way FA signings such as Andre Benoit or David Hale, a 5-0 win might have been more convincing.

I don't really have much more of an argument. I just thought those two comments were funny. I'll close out with another gem:

Anybody who puts any relevance to a win or loss in preseason hockey with ridiculous statements shows how ignorant they are with their hockey knowledge. I guess Chris Neil will lead the NHL in scoring with that 3 pt performance last night? LOL Give me a break people!!!!

I sure hope that's the case! I want to dominate the CNP (Chris Neil Points) statistic in the Ultra-Serious Hockey League. He ALMOST hit a post on a breakaway last night, too! What a well-rounded fantasy star!

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