Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess what guys?! ESPN in fact DOES care about the NHL!

You read it. Despite popular belief, ESPN does care about the NHL. They talked about it today on Pardon the Interruption. It was awesome. Here's how it all went down, paraphrased:

Bill Simmons: The NHL preseason has started already, how is that even possible? Is it too soon to start the preseason?
Tony Kornheiser: Absolutely. I mean come on, it was 92 degrees today in DC, it's way too early to be playing hockey.

Isn't that amazing?! OMG, look how awesome ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports is! I love their thorough analysis of one of the four major sports.

Kornheiser does have a point though. They shouldn't be playing hockey when it's 92 degrees somewhere. I mean come on, how dare the NHL play a game when it's that warm. It's obviously their fault it was 13 degrees higher than average that day. From now on, before each NHL game starts, they need to check out the weather channel and see if it's above 50 degrees anywhere in the country. And what are they even thinking playing hockey in September anyway? I think(and I'm pretty sure PTI agrees!) the season should be from December-February, including the preseason and the postseason, that way we don't have any problems like the mammoth we ran into today. There. Problem solved. Man, I've been putting out fires all day.

As PTI rolled on, their discussion went from the NHL to MLB's Ubaldo Jimenez. Here's how that went down, again paraphrased:

TK: The Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez is starting tonight against the Diamondbacks, going for his 20th win of the season. Do you think he'll be able to get it?

Well, I don't really think wins are as important as people think, since they're not a great indication of how good a pitcher really is.

TK(obviously flustered): Um, OK. I'm gonna try this one more time. Will...Ubaldo Jimenez...get...his 20th win tonight?

BS(sternly): I...don't care...I'm more interested in what his WHIP is.

Atta boy Bill. I forgive you for not knowing a damn thing about the NHL.

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