Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Correlative Studies for Dummies

Down with Detroit originally began as a t-shirt company, focusing entirely on Detroit sportswear. Upon joining Facebook, the Down with Detroit group page became a focal point for discussing Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, Rockers, Vipers, Mechanics, and reindeer games as they occur. Naturally, the Wings receive the majority of the attention and support, because they're fucking awesome, right? Seriously, they're the best fucking team in the league and have been for at least 85.5 years. Look at the scoreboard and deal with it, bro.

This evening, DWD marveled us with this open-ended statement:

Yeah, Tony Blair became Prime Minister, then Konstantinov played his final hockey game because Richard Gnida was a tree hugger. Those are to what you are referring, right? Sorry, that was rude. Anyway, there's no possible way in hell that a shitty period of hockey against the '97 Canadiens significantly correlates with Detroit's playoff performance that season. But hey, it's about getting those 'likes' and promoting those t-shirts, right? So, keep on keepin' on, Down with Detroit. I can't wait to see another status about a Howardian shutout, a Bertuzzian shootout spinorama-backhand, or an annoyingian comparison of two things that don't relate at all. Bring on the postseason!

Since this carries the tune of a boo-hate article, I'll leave with a compliment: you're slightly cool for selling the "Here, Dog. Come on, Dog!" t-shirt.

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  1. Only a Detroit Red Wings fan can find a way to be obnoxiously arrogant down 5-0 in the second period. Looks like the Wings lost their first game in decades last night (1607-1 in the last 20 years if it weren't for the refs), so since there isn't any good news I'll just remind you that we've won cups too. This is why we hate the Red Wings.