Friday, March 11, 2011

But during first intermission, his shot percentage is only 0%.

During the Lightning/Senators game tonight, play-by-play announcer Dean Brown proved his ability to tackle complex problem-solving scenarios with this bit:

Steven Stamkos is 12th in the league in shots, with 232 coming into this game. The irony is, and this is probably why he is the leading goal scorer in the league, of the top 12 guys in the league, guess who has the highest shooting percentage? And it's Steven Stamkos.

First of all, there's no irony in that statement. None. Look up the definition of the word irony. Why is that word so hard for people to understand? Second of all, no fucking shit. You've grouped him with 11 other people who have taken more shots than him. He has more goals than anybody else in the league. More goals, fewer shots.

Check it out. I'll make a list of my own. Below is a list of players and their shot/goal totals thus far:

Barret Jackman: 61 shots, 0 goals.
Anton Volchenkov: 58 shots, 0 goals.
Liam Reddox: 53 shots, 0 goals.
Filip Kuba: 52 shots, 0 goals.
Marc Methot: 43 shots, 0 goals.
Steven Stamkos: 232 shots, 42 goals.
Colin White: 42 shots, 0 goals.
Bruno Gervais: 39 shots, 0 goals.
Kyle Quincey: 39 shots, 0 goals.
Aaron Rome: 39 shots, 0 goals.

Ironically, out of this list of players, Stamkos has the highest shooting percentage. Go figure.

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