Sunday, April 11, 2010

Edmonton will miss the playoffs this year on the technicality of having less points.

During the Capitals/Bruins game today, Mike Emrick explains how the playoff seedings work.

There is quite a game that is going to take place later this afternoon...

Oh, right...the Rangers/Flyers game is today. You know, the one where the winner of the game makes the playoffs, and the loser doesn't. Yeah, I'd say that would be quite a game.

...In Chicago.

Oh. Nevermind.

If the Blackhawks win it, they will win the west on the technicality of having more wins.

"How the west was won" by Doc Emrick. No, I understand, the Hawks/Wings game will be important for playoff positioning, I was just expecting something different. In my opinion, when there are two teams fighting for the final playoff spot and they happen to be playing against each other on the last day of the regular season, that game would be the most important game of the day.

If Chicago wins it in overtime or in a shootout, Detroit would seal up 5th, on the technicality of more points.

So THAT'S how it works! More points! What a concept. So let me get this straight...Detroit will finish ahead of Nashville because they'll have...more points than Nashville! Now I know! Thanks, Doc!

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