Saturday, May 22, 2010


There's been some great progress on one of my favorite stats, the Youth Over/Under Achievement Illustration Number Toward Notation of Overall Talent to Herald Induction to Nhl(youaintnothin). Its focus is on how well each team has done with their draft picks since 1994. It includes an impressive spreadsheet with all the stats for your sorting pleasure. Sure, there are some flaws, as well as some good arguments explaining why some teams look better/worse than others, but it's still pretty neat to look at. Make sure to read the comments underneath the posts, because there's a lot of great analysis in there as well. Credit to daoust from pensionplanpuppets for the spreadsheet and analysis, and to SkinnyFish from PPP and The Falconer from birdwatchersanonymous for other analysis.

Check it out!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Current NHL playoff standings, headed your way from a neutral source!

Notice anything wrong with this playoff bracket made by a great guy named Arbiter?

Did you notice the two problems? He forgot to put Detroit Red Wings down in the bracket slot, and he should have said "lead" instead of "leads" in the top left matchup. Other than that, there's absolutely nothing wrong or opinionated whatsoever!